15 Gamblers Arrested In Berhampur


Behampur: As the district of Ganjam turns into an illegal betting camp, police on Thursday night have arrested 15 gamblers from Bhimarao Petasahi area under Town Police limits in Berhampur.

Acting on a tip-off, the police team raided Bhimarao Petasahi area. During the searches, they found rampant gambling in the area and arrested 15 persons. Cops also seized cash amount of  Rs 7.68 lakh, 16 mobile phones and 5 motorcycles from the spot.

Ahead of the auspicious Kumar Purnima Big-time gambling is back in Ganjam as locals indulge in unbridled gambling as it is a part of the celebrations.

While Mahalaxmi (goddess of wealth) is worshipped during the daytime, gambling dominates the festive night.

Gambling takes place from Dussehra to Diwali at different places in the state.

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