132 Bodies Found In Ukraine Mass Grave


Kyiv: At least 132 bodies have been found at a mass grave in Ukraine’s Makariv town, located some 50 km west of capital Kyiv, an official has confirmed.

Speaking to the media on Friday, Makariv’s Mayor Vadym Tokar said: “As of yesterday, we have found 132 civilians who have been shot dead by the Russian ‘orcs’,” Ukrayinska Pravda reported.

He said besides the bodies in the mass grave, corpses were also found in the streets of the town.

The occupiers destroyed almost all infrastructure, bombed (homes) and apartment buildings, completely destroyed hospitals and kindergartens,” he said.

According to the Mayor, 15,000 people lived in Makariv before Russia began its invasion on February 24 and now less than 1,000 remain.

The development comes more than a week after another mass grave containing more than 300 bodies were found in Bucha city in the Kiev region.

The city’s authorities had claimed that corpses also lined the streets, some with their hands tied behind their backs and shot dead.

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