12th Standard Girl Ends Life Alleging Forced Conversion In Tamil Nadu


Chennai: A class 12 student in Tamil Nadu’s Thanjavur ended her life after being forced to convert to Christianity.

The deceased, identified as Lavanya (17), was in a boarding house called St Michael’s Girls’ Home in Thanjavur died in Thanjavur Medical College Hospital on Wednesday.

According to reports, the matter came to light after a video surfaced in which Lavanya confessed that she was constantly scolded and also made to clean all the rooms in the hostel by the hostel warden.

The girl alleged that she was also constantly forced to take up Christianity and disturbed by these incidents, she consumed pesticide in an attempt to kill herself.

Lavanya’s father, Muruganandam was informed on January 10 that his daughter was admitted to the hospital after she vomited on January 9 and complained of severe stomach ache.

Muruganandam transferred Lavanya to the Tanjore Medical College Hospital. When she regained consciousness, she told the doctors about her ordeal and her attempted suicide.

Based on the complaint, police arrested warden Sakayamari (62) and on being interrogated, police found out that the boarding school warden had harassed Lavanya and forced her to convert to Christianity.

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