12-yr-old Boy Saves Minor Girl From Drowning


Malkangiri: At just 12 years, Bulu Muduli of Malkangiri district has become an epitome of bravery and courage. The boy taught the whole world how great deeds are by saving the life of a stranger at the cost of his life.

Bulu saved a minor girl from drowning, who had jumped into the river to end her life after finding out she had failed in annual Matric Examination.

On July 29, the girl after knowing her Matric results went to a bridge near Balimela Power House. Meanwhile, the girl stopped Bulu, who was passing by on his cycle for some work. The girl asked him if he had a mobile phone. However, Bulu left the spot saying that he doesn’t have cell phone.

On his way back, he stopped by a crowd and learnt that the girl had jumped into the river.

Without wasting time, Bulu jumped into the river to rescue the girl. Although the water current didn’t favour the 12-year-old’s efforts, he managed to catch hold of the girl and swim ashore along with the girl.

Later, locals reached out to the two kids. While Bulu was fine, the girl was barely breathing. Someone from the crowd pumped out water from the girl’s body and then she was immediately rushed to Balimela hospital.

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