10th National Maritime Search & Rescue Exercise Concludes


Chennai: The 10th edition of the National Maritime Search and Rescue Exercise (SAREX), which was inaugurated by Defence Secretary Ajay Kumar on Saturday, concluded on Sunday.

The two-day exercise which is conducted under the aegis of the National Maritime Search and Rescue Board (NMSARB) is hosted by the Indian Coast Guard, the nodal maritime SAR coordinating agency for the Indian Search & Rescue Region (ISRR).

In addition to 51 participants from national Maritime SAR stakeholders, the exercise is being attended by 24 foreign observers from 16 friendly foreign countries. SAREX-22 will be spread over two days (27 and 28 Aug 22) and will validate the Standard Operating Procedures and best practices during the conduct of a Mass Rescue Operation (MRO).

The theme of this edition of the biennial exercise is “Capacity Building Towards Marine Passenger Safety” and signifies the resolve and commitment of the NMSARB and other stakeholder agencies in providing succour during large-scale contingencies within our ISSR and beyond.

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