10 Reasons Why India Loves Maruti Suzuki Cars


Maruti Suzuki is India’s largest car manufacturer, both in terms of capacity as well as the number of cars sold. Many families tend to gravitate towards Maruti Suzuki for their first cars. The brand and its cars enjoy a cult following here in India and it is likely to continue for many years to come. 

One look at the number of Maruti car insurance plans being sold every year is more than enough to convince anyone of the sheer amount of popularity that Maruti’s cars enjoy in India. Wondering why that is? Here are 10 reasons why Maruti Suzuki’s cars are loved by Indians. 

1.       Very affordable

Maruti Suzuki’s cars are very light on the wallet. Almost all of the products from the manufacturer from the humble Alto to the high-end Ciaz are priced very competitively. This makes Maruti’s cars very accessible to the Indian people. 

2.       High fuel efficiency

This is one of the primary reasons why Indians love Maruti Suzuki. The mileage that the cars offer is absolutely unparalleled. Here’s an example. The CNG version of the Maruti Suzuki WagonR delivers almost around 32 kilometres per kilogram! That’s how fuel efficient their cars are. And considering the high cost of fuel in the country, it is no wonder that Indians prefer Maruti cars over others.  

3.       High resale value

Thanks to the extremely high demand for Maruti Suzuki’s cars, the resale value for their cars in the used car market is quite high. A well maintained Maruti car can easily fetch you around 50% of its original value even after 3 to 4 years. 

4.       Easy to maintain 

Maruti Suzuki is well known for its extremely efficient and reliable engines. In fact, it is so reliable that you would be hard-pressed to find a failed engine. And the cost to maintain the cars of Maruti is also quite low and very much affordable. Timely periodic service is all that it takes to keep the engine in good, working condition for years on end. 

5.       Easy spare parts availability

Now, although the cars are quite reliable, their components can at times fail. In such a case, repairing the vehicle is extremely easy and can be done very quickly due to the ease with which the spare parts are available. Procuring a component hardly takes any time and can usually be done within a day. 

6.       Brand loyalty

Over the many years of its existence, Maruti Suzuki has built a huge brand name and commands extreme levels of loyalty. This is another major reason why Indians love the brand and its cars. 

7.       Strong service network

Maruti Suzuki is probably the only car manufacturer in India with so many service stations to its name. The Maruti Authorized Service Station network is extremely vast and spread out across the length and breadth of the nation. Also, Maruti cars can be worked on by almost any mechanic out there. So, if you ever run into an emergency situation and a Maruti workshop is not nearby, you can simply take your car to the nearest garage and get it repaired. 

8.       Huge market share

Maruti Suzuki enjoys the top position in terms of market share. The brand commands a share of more than 50%, making it a market leader when it comes to cars.  

9.       Simple and elegant design

The design of almost all of Maruti Suzuki’s cars are simple, yet elegant and good looking. There are hardly any fancy or quirky elements, which can either be a hit or miss. The simple design language of Maruti gives their cars an almost timeless feel.  

10.    Completely made in India  

Almost all of the cars in the Maruti Suzuki stable are localized. This effectively means that the components, both major and minor, are all manufactured right here in India. 


So, there you have it. 10 reasons why Indians absolutely love Maruti Suzuki’s cars. Now that you’ve read this article, does this want to make you purchase one? If you’re in the market for a Maruti Suzuki vehicle, then make sure that you also opt for a car insurance plan.

Maruti insurance plans are so common, popular, and in demand that almost all insurance service providers in India offer them. While we’re on the topic of insurance, remember to renew your Maruti car insurance on time. This way, you can avoid legal repercussions and keep your car protected at all times.

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