Youth Congress in protest mode after Lulu’s demise


Bhubaneswar: Supporters of Lalatendu Bidyadhar Mohapatra protested against the state in-charge BK Hariprasad for his comments on the late congress strongman.

Hundreds of lulu loyalists sloganeered against Hariprasad’s name in front of Congress Bhawan. They demanded the PCC Chief to lift suspension order on student leaders who were acted upon after verbal disagreement during a closed door meeting between PCC Chief and Hariprasad few days earlier.

After the death of Lulu Mohapatra, his supporters questioned whether it was fair on part of Union party leaders not to join during his last rites.

The aggrieved young party men kept pressurising Hariparsad to answer on the matter. All this while during the 10th day of last rites Hariparsad openly clarified that Lulu was granted the position of PCC Chief before but he had rejected the proposal on health grounds thus diverting the issue.

Amid these allegations, youth leaders took to protests against his name and allegedly vandalised the party headquarters. Some of them were suspended for showing disrespect to the party state in-charge.

Meanwhile, Lulu’s brother Lalitendu Bidyadhar Mohapatra has filed a petition in the High Court seeking to substitute him as petitioner in Brahmagiri Assembly case.

Notably, in the immediate aftermath of 2014 general elections Lulu had filed a petition in the state’s apex court saying that his opposition leader Sanjay DAS Burma has won in the assembly election by defeating him using unscrupulous means.


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