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1. This noted villain was an employee in ESIC and started films at 40 through the theatre route. Steven Spielberg called him the best villain in the world. Name him

2. Some people have an unusual fear of doctors so much that they keep on postponing a doctor’s visit on one pretext or the other. What is this unusual fear of doctors known as?

3. Which bowler was drafted into the test team against New Zealand to replace the injured Glen McGrath, on his debut took 7 wickets in 5 wickets in one innings. But sadly that was his only test as the great McGrath came back to claim his place?

4. Who is known as the father of medicine?

5. Which company created the world’s 1st hand held cell phone?

6. Aakhri Khat is the 1st movie of which superstar actor?

7. Taste match is a tv cookery show on BBC and And TV of which former Test match player?

8. This popular actress has not acted for quite some time. Hichki is the name of her what one can say comeback movie. Name her

9. Margarita is the name of a popular cocktail. It is also the name of an island in which country?

10. He scored a century for South Zone versus West Indies when he was 18. Since the West Indies attack included Marshall, Clarke and Holder, it was speculated he will play for India. He however retired from cricket at 23 as he loved wild life more and took up adventure tourism as a profession. Name him


NB:The results of the quizzes will be published next Sunday.

  The quiz master: 
Ritesh Misra is an avid quizzer and sports lover. His blog thesportsmanwritesaway.wordpress.com
is well known. An IRS, he presently lives in Mumbai.
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