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Answers: Date 18-03-2017
1  What is unique about the Southern Punjab and Baroda match in the 1945-46 Ranji Trophy ?
Ans: Its the only match in the 83 year history of Ranji Trophy which ended in a tie.
2 When asked to describe his bowling action, this fast bowler replied  in typically laconic fashion: “Aww, mate, I just shuffle up and go wang.” 
His infamous quote before a series was “I’d rather see a batsman’s blood on the pitch than his stumps lying on the ground.”  Name him.
 Ans: Jeff Thomson
Jim Laker once said, “My idea of paradise is Lord’s in the sunshine, with Ray Lindwall bowling from one end and ……… from the other”. Tony Lewis, who captained England  said this bowler was a Dennis Lillee among slow bowlers. Name him.
Ans: Bishen Singh Bedi 
4 Imran Khan described him as the most gifted batsman he has seen. Once he was accused of being drunk on the cricket field but responded by hitting a quick century against an attack led by Andy Roberts. Who is he?
Ans: Wasim Raja
5 Which is the only man made structure one can see from the moon?
Ans: Great Wall of China
6  The founder of Diesel Jeans visited India recently for a tie up with Mumbai Indians. Name him.
Ans: Renzo Rosso
7 In Vyanjan Ekadashi Puja how many dishes are given to Lord Jagannath at Puri Mandir?
Ans: 555
8 Glenn McGrath had once said that only 1 Indian batsman would automatically get entry into the triumphant Aussie test team of 90’s. Who was it?
Ans: It is Rahul Dravid. 
It is NOT Sachin or VVS Laxman.
9 This legend of baseball was ejected for throwing dirt in the umpires eyes. On the way back, a fan heckled him and he chased him to beat him up. The fan escaped. The Legend then went to the stands and challenged any spectator to fight him. None responded. 
The legend was suspended for 7 games. He was also fined a princely sum . Name him.
Hint: He is an all time great- across sports
Ans: Babe Ruth in 1922. He was suspended for 7 games and fined 200$. a princely sum in 1922
10 Tennis player Zeeshan Ali had shown glimpses of greater achievements at very young age. At age 13, he won the Bengal Men’s State championship. Whom did he beat in the finals?
Ans: Interestingly he beat his father, former Davis Cup player and coach, Akhtar Ali in the finals.
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Date 11.02.2017
1 Bucephalus was the horse of which famous Historical person
Alexander the Great
2 Mahatma Gandhi Dandi March was for how many days. It was for how many km and how many accompanied him
24 days, 390 km. 78 followers
3 It is said that this leader convinced Mahatma Gandhi to make Nehru the PM . and later was convinced it was a great mistake. However he said he has no regrets about it and in fact wrote a famous poem “No regrets have I “. Name him
Ans . C Rajagopalachari
4 Why is Hakan Sukur famous in world cup football history
Ans He has scored the fastest goal in world cup history in only 10.89 seconds for Turkey
5 In India we celebrate Children’s day on 14th November. However, Internationally Children’s day is celebrated on which day and why?
Ans: 20th November, Its called Universal Childrens day
6 This cricketer 1st met his future wife in a restaurant in Mumbai, next in Ahmedabad , and a 3rd time in Baroda. He then went on a 90 day tour and missed his 17 year girlfriend so much they wrote letters to each other every day. The lady was scared her parents will find out about their love affair and persuaded the postal clerk to ensure that the letters from the West Indies reaches her hand directly and not to give it to anyone else. 
“Half of my love letters used to be spent in correcting his English, but that love was very much there. The teacher in me was born there,” says the wife. Name them
Ans Dilip Sardesai and his wife Nandini.
7 Kishore Kumar’s song Dekha Na Haye re socha na is one of Amitabh’s best songs . The energetic dance of Amitabh was inspired by Director Mehmood. what was the inspiration for the words Dole dole dole re in the song
Ans. Kishore’s young son Amit Kumar’s presence in the set. Dole was Memoods pet name for Amit Kumar
8  This young banker of Barclays London,, born in tanzania. had moved to india to visit his sister He got involved in filmmaking . he had  only one directorial venture. The film was very difficult to be made. the producer Nariman Irani died 6 months before its release in a freak manner when a wall fell on him during a storm. Ironically the movie itself had been planned to bail him out of debt. the movie was made with a budget of 84 lakhs and all the main actors did it for free. after it became a huge hit, the money was given to his widow. it made 300 crores and is still making money
Ans: DON . Directed by Chandra Barot. Both Amitabh and Zeenat did not take money for the movie
9 Comedian Mehmood gave this music director two movies as he said he got tired of him denting his car with the persistent drumming of his fingers! Name the music director and the movies
Ans: RD Burman . Movies are Chote Nawab and Bhoot Bangla. 
10 1st Nightwatchman to score a test 200
 Ans: Jason Gillespie
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Date 6-01-2017

1 Two Great Indians have been nominated for Nobel Peace Prize as many as 5 times and 11 times. Name them.

Ans: Mahatma Gandhi nominated for Nobel Peace Prize 5 times and Nehru 11 times

2 This music director, film director and lyricist started as a cricketer and played U-19 Cricket for both UP and Delhi. A thumb injury kept him out for an entire season and in Hindu College he got interested in theatre and music- and took it up as a career, forgetting cricket. Who is he?

Ans: Vishal Bharadwaj

3 Where was the World’s 1st democratically elected Communist Government formed?

Ans: Kerala . 1957. EMS Namboodiripad was the Chief Minister.

4 Who is the oldest player to score a goal in World Cup Soccer?

Ans: Roger Milly of Cameroon at 42 years 39 days

5 Which was the first televised Olympics?

Ans: Berlin 1936. London 1948 was the first Olympics in colour TV.

6 In a World Cup SF a footballer’s shorts fell down as he was about to attempt a penalty kick. He pulled up his shorts with one hand and scored the penalty while the goalie was still laughing. Who was the goal scorer?

Ans: Italian footballer Guiseppe Peppino Meazza in World cup SF for Italy vs Brazil in 1938. The Brazilian goalie was Walter. That goal took Italy into the finals. Peppino led Italy to 2 world cup wins in 1934 and 1938.

7 What was the 4 pests campaign with special focus on killing sparrows?

Ans: The campaign against the “Four Pests” was initiated in 1958 by Mao Zedong, who identified the need to exterminate mosquitoes, flies, rats, and sparrows. Sparrows – mainly the Eurasian tree sparrow – were included on the list because they ate grain seeds. It however backfired as ecological imbalance occurred and locusts destroyed grain. Earlier, sparrows were eating the locusts. This led to a famine in which more than 20 million died.

8 Recently what was interesting about tickets being sold out during the 3rd and last Test match between Australia and South Africa in Nov 2016?

Ans: The match was at Adelaide. There was a computer mix up and people thought that tickets were being sold for the popular singer Adele’s concert.

9 Which chief minister of Odisha voted in Lok Sabha’s vote of confidence in April 1999 and what was unique about it?

Ans: Giridhar Gomango. It was unique as he had taken over as CM but had still not resigned his Lok Sabha seat, hence was technically eligible to vote. His was the crucial vote which pulled down the Government.

10 Which American President is famous for the Gettysburg Address?

Ans: Abraham Lincoln during American Civil War in 1863. It is accepted as one of the best ever speeches by any leader anywhere.

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Date 29-01-2017

1.Fidel Castro died recently. Which US Backed dictator he had overthrown?

Ans: Fulgencio Batista

  1. Nico Rosberg won F1 World Championship in 2016. Which immediate family member did he emulate?

Ans: His dad Keki Rosberg too was F1 World Champion in 1981. Interestingly both dad and son won beyond 30. Dad at 33, son at 31.

  1. Which USA President reportedly got stuck in the White House Bathtub?

Ans: William Howard Taft. He was over 350 pounds in weight. He was also the only man to serve as both U.S. president and Supreme Court chief justice.

  1. This film star loved innumerable cups of hot tea with many spoons of sugar. Once he had gone to a theatre to see his own movie and asked for tea but the theatre owner told him that he had run out of milk. So later he gifted the theatre owner a cow. Name him.

Ans: Amjad Khan

  1. This film star had done some very famous sad movies. So he suffered from depression as he was very intense as an actor and got very involved in his movies. Hence as a treatment he was advised to do some comedy movies. Name him.

Ans: Dilip Kumar

  1. At Trinity College , Cambridge, this leader was a student of Natural Sciences and was supposed to study Physics, Chemistry and Maths. However he was very weak in Maths and as a special concession was allowed to choose another subject, and he chose Botany. Name this leader.

Ans: Jawaharlal Nehru

  1. Mahatma Gandhi wrote “My experiments with Truth” in Gujurati. Who translated it into English?

Ans: Mahadev Desai

  1. The symbol of Congress Party is Hand. However, just after independence, what was the symbol?

Ans: Cow and Calf

  1. Who is the only player to complete the Golden Slam in tennis – 4 Grand Slam and Olympics?

Ans: Steffi Graf

  1. Who is the youngest goal scorer in World Cup Football history?

Ans: Pele. He scored his first goal at 17 years 239 days.

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Date 22-01-2017

1 Name the founder of Corona Beer who when he died gave $2.5 million each to the 80 inhabitants of the tiny village where he grew up. 

Ans:  Antonino Fernandez who died at 99. Decades earlier he had migrated from Spain to Mexico. Corona is huge success as a brand with $ 700 million annual sales.

2 This newspaper editor described his job as the second most important in the country after the Prime Minister. Name him.

Ans: Dileep Padgaonkar, former editor of Times of India who passed away recently.

3 Who has scored maximum 6’s in ODI’s among Indians?

Ans: Dhoni with 196 6’s crossed Sachin Tendulkar who had 195

4 Who faced the 1st ball for India in Test cricket and from whom?

Ans: Janardan Navle faced the 1st ball ever from VS Bill Bowes. Later in life he became a security guard and stayed in a 2 room flat of Poona.

5 KL Saigal had come to see him bat but he was out already by then and he said he would convince the umpires to tell him to calm down. He was a friend of Bhutto and turned down offer of any post in Pakistan as he loved India most. Name him.

Ans: Mushtaq Ali

6 Which famous actor spotted Amitabh Bachhan playing an extra in his movie and asked the director to edit the crowd scene out as he was convinced of the talent of Amitabh and thought one day he will be big, and he didn’t want him to be embarrassed by the crowd scene where he was an extra?

Ans: Amitabh Bachchan once was an “extra” in a Shashi Kapoor movie

7 He started 1st class cricket at 27; started as a wicketkeeper; played for Australia as a bowler; was selected to test team on basis of two net sessions , one with the Captain Richie Benaud and the other with the chairman of selectors, Don Bradman. In fact, Bradman asked him to bowl to him and he was standing dressed in a suit. The 1st ball hit Bradman on the hip and his eyes lit up; the 2nd ball too Bradman did not read it as well. Name the cricketer.

Ans: Mystery spinner John Gleeson

8 Who is the 1st night watchman to go on to score a Test 200?

Ans: Jason Gillespie.

9 This composer’s first movie was Chotte Nawab and first hit as a composer was for Bhoot Bangla (1965) when he was 26 years old. Who is the composer?

Ans: RD Burman. Mehmood once said that he gave the movie to Burman because he got tired of Burman denting his car with the persistent drumming of his fingers!

10 Which song was unique as it topped the Geetmala chart for the longest time in the history of Binaca Geet Mala for 52 weeks at a stretch – a Binaca record?

Ans: The song Teri Pyaari Pyaari Surat Ko ….. After this song which topped the chart throughout the year Binaca decided to limit the no of weeks a song can be in the chart to 16 weeks in the program after which one can hear only in the year end top chart!

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Date 15-01-2017

1 Her 1st movie was with Dilip Kumar; the last movie with SRK. She says initially she and Dilip Kumar were friends until one day Dilip Saab called her despicable. She did not know the meaning and was very happy taking it as a complement until she checked the dictionary a few days later. She was discovered by chance when a producer’s wife saw her when she was standing below a tree trying to protect herself from rain. Who is she?

Answer. Nadira

2 This filmstar died in poverty though was fabulously rich earlier. So much so she used to smoke using a 100 rupee note. She was also supposed to be arrogant n whimsical and when someone asked her the time used to say “Meri jooti ko dekho” (look at my foot) as she used to wear a diamond studded watch on her ankle. Name her.

Answer. Nazneen Begum

3 Which politician sold his bungalow in Delhi to finance an election?

Answer. Late Biju Patnaik

4 The only player to achieve 100 first class Hundreds without playing County cricket?

Answer. The only player to achieve 100 first class Hundreds without playing County cricket was Don Bradman with 117 tons. Out of the 23 players who have scored 100 first class tons, only Bradman, Glenn Turner, Viv Richards and Zaheer Abbas are the non English Players

5 This Rock group was originally known as Pectoralz and then Starfish. What is it now known as?

Answer. Cold Play

6 During Second World War, a PM requested fellow countrymen not to buy eggs, as it was falling short in supply for soldiers who were fighting war for the country. The next day, there were queues outside shops to return eggs, so that those could be supplies to the army, who fighting war. Name the PM.

Answer. Winston Churchill

7 Which famous Indian made the term “mucche gili ho” pegs (moustache soaking in the whisky) famous?

Answer. Khushwant Singh

8 Recently an Odia Lady Dr Shobha Rani Dash performed a remarkable feat for which she received applause in the literature world and the Hon’ble PM too met her during his recent Japan visit and congratulated her. What was the feat?

Answer. She translated the Odia Mahabharata into Japanese

9 Name the 1st jobs of US President’s Obama and Donald Trump.

Answer. Baskin Robbins salesman – Obama

Selling dumped bottles at construction sites- Trump

10 This Fast bowler used to practice accuracy by throwing knives at empty Corn Flakes Boxes. Name him.

Answer. Glenn Mcgrath

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Date: 08-01-2017

1 Kishore Kumar’s song Pal Bhar ke Liye from Johnny Mera Naam was used in an episode of a top American TV. Name it.

Ans. The Simpsons. The episode was titled Kiss Kiss Bang Bangalore

2 Which famous cricketer called Glenn Mcgrath’s bowling “the torture technique, drips on the forehead till the batsman gives up.”

Ans. Shane Warne

3 He was all set to be a dentist in USA but delay in arrival of his applications for work permit allowed him to start his career as a cricketer.  While his parents shifted to USA he played test cricket for West Indies, his son played test cricket for West Indies too while his grandson played test cricket for England. They are the 1st family with 3 generations playing test cricket. Another of his sons was an Olympian sprinter. Though he did not play much cricket he is regarded as one of the best batsmen ever, and even Don Bradman praised him. He remains the only test player ever to be born in Panama. Who is he?

Ans. George Headley

4 Which Literature Nobel Prize winning author was a World War Naval hero? He was involved in the sinking of the German battleship Bismarck and also participated in the invasion of Normandy on D-Day.

Ans. William Golding. He won Nobel in 1983 for Lord of the Flies

5 Who was the 1st cricketer from Odisha to play Test cricket for India?

Ans. Debashis Mohanty. Later Shiv Sundar Das too played test cricket as well from Odisha.

6 He is the only ex India player to have passed curators certification course, umpires examination and coaching certificate too from  from the BCCI – National Cricket Academy. Name him.

Ans. Atul Bedade

7 Who is popularly regarded as the greatest poet of Odia Literature and warded the title of Kavi Samrat?

Ans. Upendra Bhanja. He was born in a royal family but was more interested in poetry than being a ruler. He is popularly known as Rabi Samrat Upendra Bhanja

8 What is fear of the number 13?

Ans. Triskaidekaphobia

9 He never played Test Cricket but was a successful and very popular 1st class cricketer for Gloucestershire and Nottinghamshire. He was well known for his 1 step run up in which he bowled off spin. He retired after 14 years of 1st class cricket after taking exactly 1000 wickets. Interestingly and sadly a later recount made it 998. Name him. 

Ans. Bomber Wells

10 The 1st man on the moon was Neil Armstrong. Who was the second?

Ans. Edwin Aldrin. He later changed his name legally to Buzz Aldrin. Buzz was short for buzzer as his sister as a kid used to call her buzzer by mistake instead of brother.

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Date: 01-01-2017

1. He was Born in Bombay. Died in Bombay. His only Test century was in Bombay. He famously said to Geoff Boycott “I will out you bloody”. Who is he?

Ans: Eknath Solkar. Called the poor man’s Sobers, he played 27 Tests for India and took 53 catches. He is universally accepted as the greatest fielder ever in forward short leg position. His catch of the Australian Captain Bill Lawry was so wonderful that the Aussie captain presented him with his bat.

2. What is common to Andrew “Andy” Gordon Ganteaume and Rodney Redmond?

Ans: They are the only 2 Test cricketers who scored a Test ton in the only Test they ever played.

3. He scored a ton on his test debut. He is believed to be the 1st to walk down the pitch to face a fast bowler. His son too played 1st class cricket and both his son and he scored 100 in the same match, though he was 53 then. Name this father son pair.

Ans: George Gunn and George Vernon Gunn

4. Which great Music Director was christened by Lata Mangeshkar as “Ghazal ka shehzadaa” ?

Ans: Madan Mohan Kohli

5. He wanted to be a spinner but as there was no vacancy with Jim Laker and Tony Lock around he was asked to concentrate on batting. At 18 he was called up for national duty and in the 2 years in army his height increased from 5;4 to 5;9. He represented the British army in football, shooting, boxing and cricket. After discharge from army duty at 20 he took up cricket full time and had a long and distinguished career till 38 when he had a heart attack and was advised to cut out smoking, sleepless night and the stress of international cricket. Who is he?

Ans: Ken Barrington

6. First Daily Newspaper of Odisha?

Ans: Dainika Asha

7. He has played 398 One-Day International matches, where he scored more than 8064 runs with 6 centuries and 39 half centuries, but he has not played 100 balls in an innings yet. Highest number of balls he played was 94, when he scored 109 runs. Name him.

Ans: Shahid Afridi

8. Sri Lanka’s pacer Shaminda Eranga has a unique feat. What is it?

Ans: He is only bowler who has taken his 1st wicket in 1st over of his debut in all three formats – Test,ODI and T20 international.

9. Bishen Singh Bedi has played second maximum county cricket in England in terms of matches played. Who is the only Indian player who has played more cricket than him?

Ans: Farrookh Engineer

10. He was the first bowler to take a five-for in Ranji Trophy history. Two of his sons and granddaughter have represented India, and his grandsons have played first-class cricket. Name this player who was also the second cricketer to achieve the coveted double of 100 wickets and 1000 runs in the Ranji Trophy.

Ans: AG Ram Singh. His sons AG Kripal Singh, AG Milkha Singh and granddaughter Malvika have represented India , his other son AG Satwender Singh, Grandsons Swaran and Arjan Kripal Singh have played first-class cricket.

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