Virender Sehwag remembers Shaheed Baji Rout on Children’s Day


Bhubaneswar: On the occasion of Children’s Day, Indian cricketer Virender Sehwag remembered the patriotism of child freedom fighter Shaheed Baji Rout, from Nilakanthpur in Orissa, the youngest Martyr of India’s freedom struggle and posted a rare photo of him.

He took to Twitter in his memory and wrote, “On this #ChildrensDay it’s time we know about Shaheed Baji Rout ,from Nilakanthpur in Orissa ,the youngest Martyr of India’s freedom struggle.

At the age of 12,this young boy was on guard of a country boat and was ordered by the British troop to ferry them across river Brahamani”.


Baji who had already heard details of the brutality of the troop which had killed innocent people in the village understood if the British troops were to be obstructed,then they needed to be stopped from going across to the other bank. He therefore refused to ferry them across, he added.

The troop threatened to kill him if he did not ferry them across immediately. Baji however rejected their orders.
One of the British soldiers hit Baji’s head with his gun butt that fractured his skull severely.

Baji collapsed, but he rose again gathering whatever little strength and courage was left with him, and raising his voice to the highest pitch beyond even his strength, warned the British troops not to ferry them till alive. A soldier pierced his bayonet into the soft skull of Baji, the cricketer added.

Another British soldier started firing ruthlessly. While one of the bullets hit Baji and he lay dead, his other friends Laxman Malik,Fagu Sahoo, Hrushi Pradhan & Nata Malik were also killed.

India’s youngest martyr definitely deserves more recognition.Salute one of greatest child, he narrated.

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