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Uzbek girl suspected for having link with high profile sex racket

sex racket

Bhubaneswar: Following the arrest of an Uzbekistan girl on charges of portraying unruly behavior with cops in city on Monday, the police suspect the woman having link with an active high profile sex racket here.

The Kharvel Nagar police conducted a raid on Monday night at a rented apartment in Patia where the girl was staying and seized liquor bottles with other objectionable materials from the spot. Police also detained the caretaker of the house which hints at her involvement in a prostitution racket.

Meanwhile, the caretaker has also revealed many facts. The investigation is underway and soon other people involved in the racket will be arrested, said a police official.

Officials said they seized an air ticket in the name of Duniya Khan. It showed the girl was staying in the city from Delhi July 19. Earlier, Police got an Aadhaar card that also identified her as Duniya Khan under a Delhi address. Police suspect it to be a fake.

Notably, the Uzbek girl was found lying on a pavement in front of a hotel near Malisahi in Kharvelnagar Sunday night. On being informed, police rushed to the spot and found her screaming. When cops tried to lift her, she hit back. The cops then took her to Capital Hospital for medical examination and later arrested her.

The woman, who claims to be from Tashkent in Uzbekistan, might be involved in a sex racket, cops say.



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