US, S Korea conduct live-fire exercise after ICBM test

live-fire exercise

Washington: The US and South Korean militaries conducted a live-fire exercise using surface-to- surface missiles in response to North Korea’s test of an Intercontinental ballistic missile, the US Army says.

The joint exercise, which occurred on Saturday morning South Korea time, came shortly after officials said that the heads of the US and South Korean militaries had discussed “military response options” after North Korea’s launch.

In a statement, the Army said the exercise involved the surface-to-surface Army Tactical Missile System (ATACMS) and South Korea’s Hyunmoo Missile II.

The systems “fired missiles into territorial waters of South Korea along the East Coast July 5,” the Army said.

The US and South Korean militaries conducted similar exercises after North Korea’s first test of an ICBM on July 4.


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