Shoot down anyone possessing an AK-47 : Defence Minister Parikar


Margao:  Union Defence Minister Manohar Parikar gave instructions to the armed forces personnel to shoot at anyone possessing an AK-47 machine gun as it obvious that they don’t have any good intentions.

Addressing the BJP’s election campaign “Vijaya Sankalp Mahamelava” in Panaji on Saturday he made his remark that the army has given the mandate to use their force with complete bruteness to defend themselves and the nation.

Speaking about the tenacity if the government, Parikar said following its bold decision the army conducted surgical strikes on the cross border LoC. After the high profile Bofors scam in 1986, the congress government did not have the guts to purchase any new machinery and tech equipments for defence, now after three decades approval have been given to for the purchase of How Howitezers and self – propelled artillery. Besides, fighter plane Tejas has also being inducted to Indian Air Police, Parikar said.

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