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Shawna Pandya to become third Indian-Origin woman to fly in Space

Shawna Pandya

New Delhi: After Kalpana Chawla and Sunita Williams, another Indian-origin woman to fly to space. Now, Shawna Pandya will become the third Indian-origin woman to go to space.

32-year-old Shawna is a general physician. She is one of the two candidates who were shortlisted from 3,200 people who enrolled in the Citizen Science Astronaut (CSA) program.

This space mission, slated for 2018, will have eight other astronauts on board.

Apart from a being astronaut, she is an author, an international taekwondo champion and has trained in Muay Thai with a Navy SEAL (The United States Navy’s “Sea, Air, and Land” Teams). She is also an opera singer, and works at Alberta University hospital as a neurosurgeon.


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