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Sex racket: House owner summoned

sex racket

Bhubaneswar: In a shocking revelation, the house owner (where the Uzbek girl was staying) is suspected for having link with the sex racket busted recently in Bhubaneswar. The owner was informed to be present in the Police station within 7 days as he is staying in Kolkata, otherwise he will be issued notice as per the law. Banita Maharana an officer from Infocity Police station has said, the house would be declared as brothel, if required.

Cops have started the investigation to find out the owner’s actual motive behind giving the house on rent to the above mentioned foreigner. The owner once arrives has to speak up about, whether he was aware of the sex racket or not? Whether he had submitted the tenant’s detail to the police or not? Cops will definitely take necessary action, if not satisfied with the answers.

However sex racket Kingpin Rosy’s home has been taken into custody, she had fled with her companion. Cops have found out that, she was carrying this sex racket out of one of the flats in Aditya Enclave. Cops are hopeful of getting evidence against a lot of people in this sex racket, once Rosy gets arrested.

Cops are investigating on the basis of evidence collected from Tapas Jena who is the care taker of Plot #28, Maruti Villa, Phase – 2, Patia, where the Uzbek girl was staying. According to cops, there are few more foreigners staying in the capital who are suspected to be involved in the prostitution. Cops are investigating to ascertain these foreigners and the people who are getting these foreigners involved in the prostitution.


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