Scientists identify 15m creature washed up on an Indonesian beach


Jakarta/New Delhi: A giant sea creature, possibly with tusks, washed on a beach in Indonesia last week, freaking out people on the island of Seram and launching a global guessing game to determine that, exactly, it used to be.

Asrul Tuanakota, a 37-year-old fisherman, initially thought he had discovered a boat stranded in shallow water, according to Jakarta Globe.


On closer Inspection, he determined that it was the rotting corpse of a 15-metre-long sea creature-possibly a giant squid because the remains looked like tentacles.

Finally, George Leonard, the chief scientist at the Ocean Conservancy, told the Huffington Post that the rotting carcass was probably a baleen whale, judging by parts of a protruding skeleton and what appear to be ballen plates used to filter out food.


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