Saudi king travels with 506 tons of cargo


Jakarta: King Salman bin Abdul Aziz al-Saudi, of Saudi Arabia is all set to go on a nine-day trip to Indonesia this week.

Probably, it will be the first visit of a Saudi king to Indonesia in last 46 years.

On his trip, the Saudi’s royal figure is expected to land here with 506 tons of cargo which includes two Mercedes Benz 600 Limousines and two electric elevators.

The freight company JAS has been appointed to handle the king’s cargo which has already arrived in Indonesia and to deal with this massive luggage the company has employed total 572 workers to execute the job properly.

The Royal family has been in the spotlight for their luxurious and lavish lifestyle.

As per sources, King Salman will be accompanied by an entourage comprising 1,500 people, which includes 10 ministers, 25 princes and near about 100 security personnel.


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