Russian military plane with 92 on board crashes into Black Sea

Tu-154 plane

Moscow:  A Russian military plane Tu-154 aircraft with 92 people on board crashed into Black Sea, country’s media agencies said on Sunday.

The Defence Ministry said the plane carrying 84 passengers and 8 crew members went off the radar soon after refueling and taking off from a Sochi resort at around 5.40 am local time.

The plane was carrying musicians of famous Alexandrov Ensemble military choir to a New Year concert at with air force personnel at the Khmeimim air base near Latakia in western Syria.

The ministry has later confirmed that debris of a plane and personal belongings of passengers have been recovered by rescuers with no reports of any survivor so far, sources said. “Fragments of the Defense Ministry’s TU-154 aircraft were discovered in 1.5 kilometers from the Black Sea shore of Sochi at a depth of 50-70 meters,” it said.

News sources from the country quoted that security sources said there was a technical malfunction in the plane due to which it crashed.

President Putin has been informed about the situation and criminal investigation has been initiated into the accident.


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