Rishi’s Facebook posts create speculation

facebook posts of rishi

Bhubaneswar: Engineering student Ashutosh Mohanty or Rishi had posted regarding ‘revenge’ in his Facebook profile. While police has re-opened his death case, his posts on social media are giving rise to speculations regarding Mayor Ananta Narayan Jena’s role in his death.

facebook post

In his posts Rishi had mentioned a woman and a well known man being after his life. The mention of these two people has caused speculation regarding their identification. He had posted this on July 11, 2015. he had mentioned his hatred for these two people. He had said he was not able to decide who to slap first. The comment thread on this post featured a chat between Rishi and Sarthak Nayak and he had even said that he would reveal the names first to Sarthak.

In another May 2 post in 2015, he had mentioned he wished to take revenge for which the countdown had begun. But what kind of enmity he had with these two people is unknown. Police is also taking into account these posts in its probe and even interrogate Sarthak regarding the same, sources said.

Police had interrogated Rishi’s friends Subham Das on Monday who said he was asked about details of the feast where Rishi was before his death. He was also asked about Rishi’s girl friend, said Das. The special investigation team probing into the incident has also summoned his girl friend.


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