Rishi girlfriend’s companion to OHRC is Mayor’s acquaintance not mother

rishi girlfriend

Bhubaneswar: In a non-stop melodrama on the backdrop of Mayor’s alleged sexual slur  tape and ITER techie student Rishi Mohanty’s death, twists and turns have become a fad.

The opposition on Friday brought other allegation against Mayor’s direct intervention in Rishi death case by trying to influence it in his favour saying that the woman who went with Rishi’s girlfriend to OHRC is a close acquaintance of Mayor.

Earlier on Thursday Rishi’s girlfriend and another woman who was supposed to be her mother met OHRC and discussed that they were pressurized to come forward in the Mayor-Rishi case.

Although the details of their discussions with the Commission was unclear it was believed that she discussed matters on Rishi’s death that has become the talk of the town for past couple of days.

The State Youth Congress has alleged that the woman was not Rishi’s mother but a close associate of Mayor.“The woman who took Rishi’s girlfriend to OHRC was Mayor’s acquaintance and she should also be brought under the purview of investigation,” said Youth Congress President Itish Pradhan.

Meanwhile, the police had confirmed that they would interrogate Rishi’s girlfriend very soon.


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