Pune techie strangled to death with computer wire in office

Pune techie

Pune: In a shocking incident, a 25-year old Infosys employee was found dead inside office premises in Pune on Sunday. The deceased identified as K Rasila Raju belonged from Kerala.

K Rasila Raju who had come to the office on Sunday to work on a project was allegedly strangled with the help of a computer wire. The incident took place on the ninth floor of the Infosys building. Based on CCTV footage, a security guard was arrested this morning in Mumbai.

According to police there were signs that she had also been struck hard on her face.

The incident came up, when her manager was trying to call her, but there was no response. The manager called and asked the security guard to go and check and when the security guard went to see her, she was found unconscious near her workstation.

Notably, in December 2016, a 23-year old Capegemini employee was chased and stabbed multiple times in the city. The victim Antara Das, had come to Pune from Kolkata.


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