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Pradesh Congress Mahila wing protest against Damodar Rout’s lewd remarks


Bhubaneswar: In yet another statement, Minister Damodar Rout landed in trouble on Wednesday after he targeted State Congress spokesperson Sulochana Das using ‘offensive remarks’ against her.

Irate members of the Pradesh Mahila Congress staged a protest at Master Canteen Square here ghastly denouncing Rout’s remarks and demanding his ouster from the Cabinet Ministry. They also burnt an effigy of the Minister.

Participating in television programme, Rout and Das had some heated exchanges following which Rout said the Congress Spokesperson should have prepared properly before participating in the debate.

Replying to Das, Rout said, “You are not only who studies, we also study.”

Suddenly, Rout erupted and commented lewd remarks on Das following which other participants and the TV anchor were left speechless for a while.

However, Rout clarified his statement later but he often lands into troubles for his bigmouth.


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