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In pics: 8 month old baby from Punjab Weighing 17 Kg

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Amritsar: An eight-month-old baby Chahat Kumar from Amritsar weighs around 17 kg. She started gaining excess when she was barely four months old.

Her parent revealed that Chahat cries whenever she does not get a proper diet. Chahat’s father Suraj Kumar said, “She gets hungrier than other babies of her age and demands milk and food often.”

As per doctors, the average weight of a baby girl in this age group is usually 6-9 kg. For her age, the baby not only weighs double, her diet is also that of a 10 –year-old.


When the worried parents went to the doctor, he asked for her blood test. However, due to the thickness of her skin, her blood sample could not be taken.

The baby is reported to have breathing and sleeping issues because of her excess weight. At this moment, her parents only wish that she could play with other children and have a healthy life and future, but are clueless about what their next step should be.


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