Patha Utsav: Awareness drives, saree heritage steal the show on Janpath


Bhubaneswar: Officially it was themed around the Utkal Divas as on April 1, 1936 Odisha was formed as a separate state, but at Patha Utsav today awareness and performances on both the stages were the major attractions.

World Autism Day


As the day is celebrated as World Autism there was a huge awareness programme by several organizations to make people aware on the issue.  Autism is a mental condition, present from early childhood, characterized by difficulty in communicating and forming relationships with other people and in using language and abstract concepts.

While the city-based institute CATCH organized activities by autistic kids and carried out a campaign wall with signatures of the participants to mark the international day, Department of Social Security and Empowerment of Persons with Disability (SSEPD) also put a stall at Patha Utsav displaying objects and items made by autistic children. Both these events drew thousands of crowd.

The impressive performance on the World Autism Day, however, came from the members of the Bharat Scouts and Guides under the leadership of their teachers as they organized a huge rally with blue caps to mark the autism say as the day is celebrated with a theme “light it blue for the Autism month’’.

Awareness on Acid Attack Victims


Students of KIIT University organized street plays on the welfare of the acid attack victims. They also displayed placards to attract people to participate in a marathon on April 8 to further the cause and move more and more people for the welfare of such individuals in our society.

A group of women and transgender volunteers from Palaspalli under the aegis of Saibaba Mahila Arogya Samiti took out an awareness rally to tell people that intake of pure and boiled water can cure the society from the jaundice menace.

Maniabandha Saree Tradition (Nabakoti Style of Textile)


The famous weaving craft of Maniabandha Saree from the living Buddhist village of Maniabandha was displayed live at Patha Utsav with many prominent women member from a city-based organization and lady officers of the Odisha Government doing a fashion parade of sorts on the Nabakoti Style of Textiles, which is basis of the Maniabandha pattern and is well-known world over. It can be mentioned here that in the past the expert weavers of Maniabandha area first presented the Trinity with a complete saree with slokas from Gita Govinda. As per the tradition and legend, the locality, where presently Maniabandha sarees are being weaved had a prominent link with Buddhism and many families are still practicing the Buddhist traditions in their day-to-day lives.

Utkal Divas Celebration

City-based organization Help Mate organized various competitions among children and visitors to Patha Utsav to celebrate Utkal Divas. While 21 kids participated in the drawing and painting competition, seven took part in the dance competition and five in the singing competition. The audience were asked several questions in the form of a quiz competition. Winners from the three categories of competition and the quiz participants were also felicitated by the president of Help Mate Rita Pujari and Secretary Nibedita Bhanja.

Emergency Care Awareness

City-based organization from Gandaganar Square Jay Jagannath Accident Helpline and health-care major Apollo Hospitals created awareness on the emergency health care and how the `Golden Hour’ or the first few hours are very important for the life saving act for an accident victim. Both the organizations gathered the enquiries from the participating people and also gave away valuable suggestions for the proper care for the accident victims.

Prajnya, Rahul stole the show

Voice of India finalist Prajnya Patra performed some of her best numbers and the young mass and other received her performance with much enthusiasm. Rahul, the local sensation also performed and engaged the public during his show. The stage II also attracted many visitors in front of Ram Mandir and the people were glued to their positions while listening the performances.



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