Parliament adjourned sine die with little business


New Delhi: Both the houses of Parliament, has been adjourned sine die much with almost negligible legislative works done during the period.

Expressing strong displeasure over regular disruptions in normal proceedings of the house by legislators cutting all party lines Speaker Hamid Ansari asked the members to introspect and as soon as papers were laid he adjourned the house.

It is noteworthy to mention that this was the 241st session of the upper house of the parliament. It had commenced on November 16.

“Regular and continuous disruptions characterised this Session. The symbolism of dignified protests, so essential for orderly conduct of Parliamentary proceedings, was abandoned,” he said.

The house had some meaningful discussions during some periods of the session including approval of Disabilities Bill 2014 and amendments to Income Tax Bill.

Similarly, Lok Sabha was also adjourned for the session which began last month on November 16. Speaking during the valediction of the lower house Speaker Sumitra Mahajan said the house needed more discussion and less disruption.

Issues mainly demonetization gripped the house tightly with opposition and ruling parties engaging in vociferous counterattack modes all throughout the session.


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