OSL claims no role in Paradip murder


Bhubaneswar: It has been 11 days since police issued lookout notice for Odisha Stevedores Ltd. (OSL) owner Mahima Mishra. However, OSL has no role in the murder of Seaways Shipping and Logistics Ltd. (SSLL) manager Mahendra Swain, claimed members of the Paradip Port Stevedores Association (PPSA) while briefing the media on Tuesday night. They have also said OSL will support police completely in the investigation.

The PPSA members including Mahima Mishra’s son Charchit Mishra have alleged that police is not taking the right direction of investigation since it is not exploring the dispute between Jindal Steel Plant Limited (JSPL) and dumper association which led to the murder of Swain in a firing on October 26. The association also brought allegations against the late SSLL manager also.

Following the murder, police had issued a look out circular against OSL CEO Mahima Mishra, manager Basant Bal and other officials. When asked why OSL has not co-operated regarding the lookout circular, Charchit said they came to know about such a a circular from media and police has not notified OSL regarding this. Meanwhile police continued to raid at OSL offices including those in Joda and Angul on Tuesday and had raided the OSL Cuttack and Paradip offices last week.

Association secretary Antaryami Patnaik claimed that Mahima Mishra has been dragged to the case without any role in the murder while Charchit said father Mahima Mishra is out of country at present and will meet police on his return. Charchit also said they have no clue why police has recommended to cancel their gun license and why OSL has been subjected to any investigation at the first place.

On the other hand, Utkal Stevedores Association (USA) has rubbished the allegations against the murdered Swain as said by PPSA. USA President Pranakruhsna Nayak claimed that Swain had not indulged in any illegal activity. “Rather he had followed the port’s permission and demanded for 115 vehicles of Atal Bihari Dumper Owners Association and Nirakar Dumper Owners Association under USA to be allowed to conduct goods transport at the port,” said Nayak.

A high ranked official of Jagatsinghpur district also said that police is not conducting investigation against OSL without proper proof. The mystery will be solved very soon, the official said.


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