Odisha wins Vedanta Entry Tax case

Vedanta Entry Tax

Bhubaneswar: Odisha today won the case to levy Entry Tax on Vedanta that will bring the state a Rs 1500 crore profit.

The nine judge-Bench of Supreme Court in their judgement in SLP( C) No.33923 of 2012 (M/s Vedanta Aluminium Ltd. Vrs. State of Odisha & Others) & batch of other cases held that the State is competent to levy Entry Tax under Article-304 of the Constitution of India. The dealers had challenged the vires of Odisha Entry Tax Act’ 1999.

“In pursuance to interim orders of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India and High Court of Orissa, some dealers have paid 50% of Entry Tax due on imported scheduled goods and some dealers have paid one third of Entry Tax due on scheduled goods brought /procured from outside the State which are not manufactured. It is expected that the dealers will pay the balance pending Entry Tax about 1500 crore and interest there on after Division Benches vacate the stay,” said finance minister Pradeep Amat.


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