Odisha govt forms task force to ensure smooth transfer of land for Industrial projects

Bhubaneswar: Keeping in view the Make In Odisha Conclave being organised by the Industries Department and to broad base the Industrial ecosystem for faster industrial promotion under 5T charter for employment generation and all round economic development of the State and as per recommendation of the review meeting held on 10.10.2022 by the CMO, Government have been pleased to constitute a Task Force consisting of the following members to suggest any necessary changes in existing Land Laws & procedures for facilitating smooth transfer of land for the Industrial projects.

The activities to be taken up by the Task Force are as follows:

1. To study the procedure followed in the States such as Karnataka, Gujarat, Telengana, Maharashtra and Uttar Pradesh for allotment of land for set up of industries, which be made available by Industries Department.

2. To give considered views on whether the Industrial Project Area can be treated as Proposed Lease Area for Industrial Projects, where advance possession of all types of Govt. land (Gochar, Communal etc.) can be allowed to project proponents.

3. To suggest if the proceedings of Reservation and De-reservation, which is ancillary to the grant of lease, can be done through simultaneous proceedings when the same is intended for eventual lease / alienation of land in favour of the project proponent.

4. To examine and suggest the necessity of recording all leasable land in AJA khata or to take any other process to expedite lease of land, as per the provisions of OGLS Act and Rules

5. To give considered views for reduction of the proclamation period from 30 days to 10 days.

6. To study and suggest if DPR can be prepared for the existing Government land & the same can be approved at once in order to avoid the Proceedings of Site Selection Committee multiple times, when locational advantages of industry are different / no zoning in rural areas / in adequate skilled manpower for zoning.

7. To give views if in case of exchange of land in lieu of Communal lands and creating similar facilities, the Project Proponent/ Requisitioning Authority can be allowed to use it straight away through advance possession and if one year window can be provided to them to create facilities/ providing alternative land.

8. To give considered views that the Natural drain/ course of water not to be leased out instead the Project Proponent/ Requisitioning Authority shall work around with suitable engineering designs without obstructing the flow of water subject to the approval of the design by Engineering Committee of the concerned Department such as Deptt. of Water Resources, Housing and Urban Development Deptt. as the case may be.

9. To give considered views for timely acquisition of land through land acquisition process of the Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act, 2013, and to reduce all LA Contingency amount from 20% to 5%.

10. The Task Force will submit its report within three weeks.


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