Naveen says BJP leader Oram ‘indulging in wishful thinking’

Naveen says Oram is wishful thinking

Bhubaneswar: Union minister Juel Oram had remarked on Tuesday that many BJD leaders are trying to join BJP and the ruling party is about to split. However, Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik today dismissed his claim as ‘wishful thinking’.

Naveen was asked by the media about his opinion on the remarks from the BJP minister. In his reply, the BJD Supremo put across a strong rebuttal. “He is indulging in wishful thinking,” said Naveen.

Oram had made a series of statements on BJD split on Tuesday. “The party is facing the situation that was seen in 1996-97. many BJP MPs, ex MPs, MLAs and ministers are vying to join BJP,” Oram had said.

Earlier, BJD spokesperson Pratap Deb had remarked to this that BJP has taken up the policy of seeking BJD’s attention. Veteran leader Surya Narayan Patro had said the actual situation is just opposite with BJP leaders wishing to join BJD.


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