Narasingha Mishra resigns from Business Advisory Committee of Assembly


Bhubaneswar: Leader of Opposition Narasingha Mishra today resigned as member of the Business Advisory Committee of the Odisha Legislative Assembly. The veteran Congress leader submitted his resignation from the post to the secretary of the Assembly.

Notably, Mishra has said that his opinions were not given any importance in the House and also the decisions taken in the Advisory Committee are not carried out in the Assembly. He had also requested the red light and special security for his official vehicle to be withdrawn on Thursday.

This had given rise to speculations in the political sphere that he might be joining BJD and heading toward the Rajya Sabha after BJD’s Bishnu Das resigned as an MP or may be he would leave Congress due to the infighting in PCC. Some also speculate that PCC might remove him from the Leader of Opposition post.

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