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Nandankanan all set to get new lion cubs


Bhubaneswar: Famous lioness Radha of Nandankanan is expected to deliver her cubs in next 2 days.

Earlier on 23 July 2015 Radha, delivered 4 cubs out of which 3 cubs died and just one cub managed to survive.

Radha had mated the lion Krish and the zoo authorities are pretty excited witnessing the would-be mother in labour pain after a long time.

Radha, has been kept in a separate enclosure under surveillance to monitor her movements in this crucial stage.

Nandankanan witnessed a sharp decline in lion population since 2007 after male lions underwent sterilization operation under the direction of central zoo authority in the year 2001 for controlling their increased birth rate.

The zoo authorities brought in two male and two female lions from the Gujarat government free of cost but unfortunately the lioness remain infertile.

Lioness Radha, is one amongst the 2 female lions brought in to Nandankanan from Israel.


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