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Nandankanan added 10 new members to aviary

ten new birds in Nandankanan

Bhubaneswar: The city based Nandankanan Zoological Park has added 10 new members of two different species to their existing avian flock on Sunday. The two species including six Red-billed parrot and four Mayor parrot were purchased from a farm house in the city at Rs 2.5 lakh.

The Red-billed parrots were put in the enclosure number 6 while Mayor parrots were in the enclosure number 3. One of the mayor parrots has even laid eggs after coming to the zoo.

With new year coming ahead in this season, one of the Nandankanan officials said that the authorities have planned to acquire many rare species from the Hyderabad zoological park including five wild cocks, seven mouse deer, five crocodiles, two white peacocks and one red tiger.


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