Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad Airports on high alert after hijack threats


New Delhi: Security at three major international airports in Mumbai, Chennai and Hyderabad has been stepped up following threats of a hijack attempt.

The alert was issued by security agencies after inputs were received about possible attempts to hijack an aircraft departing from any of these airports.

Notably, Mumbai Police received an e-mail last night from a woman living there. The e-mail said she had overheard six men at a restaurant, discussing simultaneous hijack of flights from the three airports.

The Mumbai Police shared the e-mail with all security and intelligence agencies. A full anti-hijack drill was started and the National Security Guards have been kept on stand-by.

Airlines have advised passengers to avoid last-minute check-ins. Passengers have also been advised to cooperate with the security personnel at the airports.

However, the police are probing the contents of the e-mail and trying to get in touch with the sender.


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