Modi raised ‘Swachh Bharat’ issue in Lingaraj temple

Modi raised ‘Swachh Bharat Mission’ in Lingaraj temple

Bhubaneswar: It was scheduled during the two-day visit of Prime Minister Narendra Modi to attend the BJP National Executive Meeting that he would visit the Lingaraj Temple. As such, Modi visited the 11th century old Lingaraj temple on Sunday.

As per the itinerary, Modi reached the temple at around 8:30 am. A large number of people had thronged to have a glimpse of Modi. They stood behind the barricades erected for smooth movement of Modi’s cavalcade.

He was welcome by the people in the traditional odia form by chanting ‘hula huli’ and ‘haribol’. Historian Prafulla Makdam was the guide to Modi who showed him various side temples and sculptors during the ‘Bedha parikrama’ at the temple.

It was seen that Modi allowed himself to tale selfies with the servitors.

While it was earlier decided that Modi was ought to stay for 10 minutes in the temple,  bu he stayed more than that period in the temple. While he was inside the temple premises, he expressed his satisfaction over the cleanliness maintained in the temple. He also asked the servitors that whether it was because of his presence that had made the temple so clean or it remains clean always. Answering to his question, servitors replied that it was the usual condition of the temple. While leaving the temple he said during his visit to the temple, he hoped for the same situation.

He also urged the servitors to retain the cleanliness of the temple for the next coming 20 years. While leaving from the temple, he was gifted with the special type of ‘Kora Khai’ form the servitors.

Sources said, Modi while leaving from the airport was seen to carry the ‘Kora Khai’ packet with him in the flight.



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