Mika Singh faces Twitter wrath after saying ‘Humara Pakistan’


New Delhi: We all know how Bollywood singer Mika Singh has landed himself in controversies in the past leaving both the B-Town and his fans startled by pulling off one antic or another to hog the limelight.

In a more recent development, in what can only be labeled as an insensitive and irresponsible way of promoting his upcoming US show scheduled to be held in Houston on August 12, Mika posted a video urging his fans and supporters from both India and Pakistan to come together and jointly celebrate their Independence Day on August 12.

In the video message released on July 24 on social media, the singer is heard saying he’s ‘looking forward’ to celebrate the Independence Day of India and Pakistan. “15 August ko humara Hindustan azaad hua tha aur 14 ko humaraPakistan”. The singer has already received a lot of backlash from people on social media for obvious reasons. His video could not have been more ill-timed as our country prepares to celebrate its 70th independence day on August 15.

After getting a lot of negative responses from displeased fans, Mika released another video message on Twitter in which he is heard saying that he is going to celebrate ‘India’s Independence Day’ on August 13 in Chicago, without mentioning Pakistan. He tweeted: “Hey #Chicago let’s celebrate independence on 13thof august.. so proud to be an indian and bring your family and friends.. Jai hind”.

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