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Maoist posters surface in Rayagada village

Mao poster

Kalyansinghpur: With just a day left for the 72nd Independence Day celebration, Maoist posters have resurfaced at various locations in Parsali village under Kalyansighpur block Rayagada district on Tuesday.

According to sources, around four posters have been put on display near Parsali market complex and Anganwadi Kendra.

The posters on display clearly showcased the disapproval and anger of  Maoists towards both central and state government.

The messages on posters read that the independence day is a so-called facade and it is not a celebration of glory but should be celebrated as a day of darkness and shame.

The red rebels have appealed the people to understand and respect the true meaning of independence and freedom by not being swayed away by the government’s false assurances. They urged to the people rather join hands and follow Maoist leaders who are fighting the battle against the corrupt government since long.

The posters also cited that, security forces deployed in the area themselves plant and detonate bombs and then name the Maoists in the crime.

Therefore the Maoists have appealed the villagers to stop the security forces from creating a negative image of the Maoists.


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