Kite flying rules in Cuttack: ‘Manjha’ banned

kite flying manjha banned
  • Chinese and Indian manjha or coating of any kind to make kite flying thread sharper is banned
  • Traditional cotton thread permitted to fly kites
  • District Administration to identify sites for kite flying
  • Shops selling Chinese thread or manjha thread to be taken into task
  • Puja Committees in city to spread the word

Cuttack: Once kite flying ruled the Silver City and now the city has kite flying rules. The Orissa High Court, in view of safety of residents, has directed the district administration to ban Chinese ‘manjha and even Indian made manjha in Cuttack for kite flying.

In its order, the High Court has particularly emphasised on ban of ‘manjha’ of all kinds. The kite flyers in the city are not permitted to use the coating of crushed glass that used to be gummed on to the cotton thread as an appendage to make the thread sharper so that the flyer could cut a competitor’s kite thread. Even metallic or nylon yarn with an abrasive coat of crushed glass gummed could make the kite flying thread razor sharp thus posing threat to the safety of passers by on the city streets.

Hence, while hearing a PIL by Bighnaraj Mallick, the High Court has thus ordered. “The District Administration should not only ban such use of dangerous materials in flying kites, but it also should create awareness, to conduct raids and fix specified places for flying kites during festival season,” said the order.

However, the Court has not prohibited the use of traditional cotton thread in kite flying without any coating on the thread. Further, the High Court has advised use of flex banners to propagate this information by involving NGOs.



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