Javadekar writes letter to freshers to be model students

CBSE paper leak

New Delhi/Bhubaneswar: Human Resource Development (HRD) Minister Prakash Javadekar has written a first-of-its-kind welcome letter to the freshers entered higher educational institutions.

The minister has tried to remind students of their social responsibilities and advised to be model students by focusing on education in the letter.

“I earnestly urge you to focus on the work for which you came here, so that when you leave this institution, you will go with knowledge and satisfaction,” Javadekar wrote in the letter.

Javadekar has also reminded students that fees at government funded institutes are low because the poor are subsidising their education, hence they should stay indebted and remember those people who really paid for their education.

“You should realise that the people of this country, especially the poor, are subsidising your education with their sweat and toil, and by the taxes that they pay,” the minister wrote.


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