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Janardhan Reddy daughter’s big fat wedding

wedding extravagant

Bengaluru: The extravagant wedding of Karnataka was hosted at a time when the BJP led government has initiated a surprise demonetisation exercise to flush out black money leading to cash crunch for the entire nation.

The former BJP minister in Karnataka Gali Janardhan Reddy conducted his daughter’s marriage on Wednesday in a lavish ceremony estimated to have cost about Rs 100 crore at the Palace Ground in Bengaluru. But the Reddy family has claimed the wedding cost about Rs 30 crore.

bengaluru weddingMeanwhile, from politicians to common people, all have criticised the extravagant function because the event came up when people queued in long lines outside banks for depositing or exchanging demonetised currency with frustration in the state as well as across the country.

Notably, Reddy had recently been locked up for alleged corruption and was released on bail in 2015. This marriage ceremony wasn’t the only expensive wedding held in India. In 2004, Lakshmi Mittal, the country’s second wealthiest man and a top 10 billionaire of the world hosted daughter Vanisha Mittal’s wedding with Amit Bhatia in a ceremony believed to be the second most expensive in recorded history.

Some highlights of the wedding:

  • Twenty one-year-old Brahmani, a BBM graduate was married to 25 -year-old Rajiv Reddy, son of Hyderabad-based businessman Vikram Deva Reddy.reddy wedding
  • Many prominent leaders and also film stars were among the over 50,000 guests who attended this grand wedding party.
  • Rs 5 crore spent on the invitation cards with the gold-plated cards fitted with LED screens.
  • The wedding featured performances by Bollywood stars.
  • The wedding venue was designed to look like a scene from the Vijayanagaram Empire by a film art director on 35 acres of land at the Bangalore Palace Grounds.
  • Eight priests from Tirupati Tirumala Temple were brought to perfom wedding rituals.
  • Since VVIPs attended the ceremony, 3,000 bouncers, over 300 police personnel, sniffer dogs and bomb squards were deployed for their security.
  • All guests were given away tulsi saplings and sandalwood saplings as return gifts along with a box of sweets.

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