Hovercraft fun for Puri tourists


Puri: Here is good news for tourists coming to Puri as they can soon have fun with friends and family on sea with a hovercraft.

The test run of the hovercraft was conducted successfully on Sunday after it reached here. The craft is capable of running on land as well as on water.

The hovercraft can run on the sea for around 1 km. The tourists can enjoy the ride by end of October, said Puri hovercraft project supervisor Kamalendu Dey.

“We are providing training to G Sahadeb of Nolia Sahi for operating the hovercraft. He will operate the craft following completion of his training,” Dey said.

It is different from other sea vehicles including speedboat and jetski to operate. It takes four to five days for training, he added.

The best feature of the craft is it does not sink in sea at any situation and does not overturn if one side of the vehicle becomes heavy. The tourists would remain safe on the sea and would be provided all sorts of lifesaving equipments, said trainer Rajiv Kotwal.

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