Health Min Pratap Jena visits Delhi AIIMS to meet conjoined twins, takes stock of health condition

conjoined twins

Bhubaneswar/New Delhi: Odisha Health Minister Pratap Jena today visited AIIMS, New Delhi to take stock of health condition of the conjoined twins Jaga and Balia who are undergoing through regular medical checkups by the team of doctors to assess the possibility of performing the first ever Craniopagus surgery to separate the twins.

Reportedly, the 30-member team of medicos from different departments are engaged in conduction various pathological tests and checkups. The twins will have their CT scan and MRI on Friday and the doctors will wait for 8 to 10 days to decide the day of surgery after studying the reports.

A pair of two-year-old conjoined twins has become the toughest challenge for a group of doctors at AIIMS after they got admitted to the hospital on Saturday. Jaga and Balia, the twins are joined at the head.

According to Dr AK Mahapatra, chief of neuro sciences centre at AIIMS, Jaga and Balia are at present undergoing a series of tests such as MRI, CT scan, to determine the feasibility of the surgery.

“They are craniopagus twins, that is who are connected at the head. This is a rare condition. It is very difficult at this stage to say if surgery is feasible to separate them. They will undergo several tests in the next 10-12 days after which we will decide,” Dr. Mahapatra was quoted while interacting with reporters.

The twins have also received special medical facilities from Railway Ministry and the State Government is also committed to bear the expenses of the medication.


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