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Hazardous units will shift to outskirts of towns

Naveen Patnaik

Bhubaneswar: In a bid to ensure public safety, the Government of Odisha has directed the industrial sector within the state to shift their precarious units, deadly gas and chemical storages to low populated areas.

The fast-track direction was issued after identifying 168 disaster prone industries near densely populated towns following which they were asked to relocate the units within a specified time limit.

The strict directions came up with effect following a meeting held by the state crisis group under the chairmanship of A.P.Padhi, Chief Secretary to avoid industrial accidents in Odisha.

The industries have been given a certain time frame to relocate their hazardous units and to adopt necessary safety measures failing which they will be subjected to strict actions.

The Chief Secretary also asked the industrial sector to practice emergency drills in regular intervals for keeping their safety mechanism active and ready to respond.

Besides, there are total 4,025 registered factories, 2,277 registered boilers and a manpower of 4,90,227 people are working with hazardous materials.


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