Google CEO Sundar Pichai received nearly US $200 million salary last year

Sundar Pichai

Houston: Google’s India-born Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sundar Pichai (44) received nearly US $200 million (roughly Rs 1,285 crore) last year; double the amount he got in 2015.

He received a salary of US $650,000 last year, slightly less than the US $652,500 he earned in 2015.

But the long-time Google employee, who was named CEO during the company’s re-organisation in August 2015, received a stock award of US $198.7 million in 2016; roughly double his 2015 stock award of US $99.8 million.

The company’s compensation committee attributed the lavish pay to Pichai’s promotion to CEO and “numerous successful product launches”.

Notably, Google’s co-founder and previous CEO shifted his focus to growing new businesses under the Alphabet umbrella.


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