Gold ornaments missing from Kantilo Nilamadhab temple

Nilamadhab temple

Nayagarh: Tension erupted on Sri Nilamadhab temple premises in Kantilo town on Tuesday after gold ornaments of the deities worth over 15 lakh were found missing from the temple casket.

The incident came to notice when the servitors of the temple were busy in preparation to deck up the deity with ‘Suna Besha’ or golden attire.

The temple casket, which is usually kept at the Khandapara treasury, was found empty after being brought to the temple and opened by the servitors for the special occasion.

Tension ran high in the temple premises as the incident took place before the eyes of around 50,000 devotees present at the temple to take a glimpse of the deities with golden attire.

However, the local Tehsildar and police reached the spot and tried to pacify the angry servitors and devotees.

Later on the ‘Puja Panda’ servitors sat on a dharna inside the temple protesting the discrepancy for which the ritual was delayed for at least 6 hours.

Meanwhile, the local Tehsildar claimed that the jewelleries might have been misplaced in some other temple’s casket at the treasury. He assured that the difference would be sorted out after an inquiry which is underway.


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