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Gas fired cremation furnace in Khan Nagar out of order

Khan Nagar crematorium

Cuttack: The Cuttack Municipal Corporation crematorium in Khan Nagar had the first gas fired cremation furnace in the state. But the furnace that was set up in January 20 this year is already out of order.

The gas furnace was set up by the Municipal Corporation with a budget of Rs 13 lakh. There was an electric cremation furnace here since 1984 but since it was expensive compared to gas furnace, the latter was installed. While the gas furnace led to more smoke, it also got defunct within two and half months of use.

While it is said to be under repair, the poor families who wish to get their dead cremated here are forced to use fuel for cremation.

“There is a litle glitch in some part of the gas furnace which is being repaired with a budget of Rs 7 lakhs. Since the parts are not available easily the repair is delayed,” said an official of the crematory.


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