Fire in IMCA department of Utkal University


Bhubaneswar: A fire incident occurred at the Integrated MCA department of Utkal University on Wednesday due to a short circuit in the department premises , where the input of 3 Phase electric current connected to the department . Though students and faculty are safe, the computer lab where the short circuit occurred has been damaged, as per sources. While students sat on strike against the poor and outdated infrastructure, the authorities claim that there was no issue at all.

As per the department students, the fire broke out today afternoon after there was a short circuit in a connection to a computer lab from the main transformer of the varsity. The computer lab is one among three labs in the three storied IMCA building.

Smoke filled the building as the 100 odd students came out and electricity to the building was disconnected immediately after which a fire brigade team doused the fire. After the fire was in control, the students locked the department gate and sat on dharna demanding upgrading of the infrastructure.

The head of department (HOD) and chairman reached the department later. “The short circuit was minor and was controlled immediately. There was nothing major in the incident,” claimed Sateesh Pradhan, the HOD.

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