Endangered Pangolin rescued and brought to Nandankanan


Bhubaneswar: Forest officials have rescued a critically endangered Pangolin near Chunukoli under Chandaka Police station on Tuesday.

The half-grown pangolin, known as Bajrakapta in native language was brought to Nandankanan Zoo for instant care and health checkup.

The rescued nocturnal mammal is 7-8 yrs old and normally the species survives up to 17 yrs, said a zoo veterinary doctor.

The Species is protected under schedule-1 of wildlife protection Act, 1972 but the population of Pangolin has declined across India due to its large scale poaching.

However, the central zoo authority had set up a government sponsored breeding centre at Nandankanan zoo in the state to conserve the Pangolin but instead of population growth, their numbers declined after 2013.

With this rescued pangolin at Nandankanan, their population increases to 11 among which 3 are males and 8 are females.

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