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Eighty crocodile nests found in Bhitarkanika

crocodile nests

Kendrapara: Around 80 crocodile nests have been spotted at the Bhitarkanika National Park so far. The estuarine crocodiles, locally known as Baula Kumbhira, have laid eggs in the nests identified in river and watercourses under the national park.

According to the Forest department reports, a number of estuarine crocodiles have laid eggs at Ganjeikhia, Sagunachar, Suajor, Bhramarmari, Bhitarkanika and Dangamal areas.

While 73 nests have been found in Kanika range, four in Rajnagar range and three nests have been identified in Gahirmatha range area. Last year, 75 crocodile nests were spotted in the Bhitarkanika national park.

The crocodiles lay eggs and hatchlings come out from May to July every year. The female pregnant crocodiles search for a safe place for laying eggs.

They build nests collecting leaves and straws after finding a safe place. After laying eggs, they cover the pit with leaves and straws. Each female crocodile lays a clutch of between 40 and 50 eggs that incubate in around 75 days.


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