Dowry helps ugly girls get married, teaches Bengaluru college textbook


Bengaluru: The study material of Bengaluru’s St Joseph’s College, Shanti Nagar, is allegedly teaching its students the ‘advantages of dowry’.

According to report, the study material which was given to the bachelor’s students of a Bengaluru college endorses dowry system and advocates that the dowry system has helped the ‘ugly’ looking girls to get married.

“The marriage of ugly girls who would otherwise have gone without a partner is made possible by offering a heavy amount of dowry,” the study material carries.

The college, however, initially refuted that such study material was given out.

Later, in a statement released to the media, the institution stated that the matter is being investigated and we are trying to find the root of the problem. Such views have never been part of the college syllabus.

In fact, the department and the college are opposed to such obscurantist and oppressive patriarchal views as are contained in the page cited, it added.

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