Why doesn’t Rahul Gandhi follow security protocols, asks Rajnath Singh


New Delhi: Home Minister Rajnath Singh on Wednesday hit out at the Congress after the party created an uproar in the Lok Sabha over the incident of stone pelting on party Vice President Rahul Gandhi’s cavalcade in Gujarat. Singh questioned the Congress on why Gandhi refused SPG protection while on foreign tours. He also said that while a probe is on into the Gujarat incident, it was Rahul Gandhi who didn’t follow security protocol.

“Rahul Gandhi did not listen to the area police or SPG officials and refused bulletproof car in Gujarat,” said Rajnath Singh amidst the uproar by Congress MPs in Lok Sabha. He added, “In the last two years, Rahul Gandhi was out for 72 days on 6 foreign tours, but didn’t take SPG cover. We want to know, where did he go? Why didn’t he take SPG cover?”

Rajnath Singh also said that adequate security arrangements were made for Rahul Gandhi’s Gujarat visit. “The State police was informed about Mr. Gandhi’s itinerary two days ahead of his visit. He was even provided with bullet-proof car. But Rahul opted for a non-bullet resistant car as suggested by his personal secretary. He should have taken the advice of security personnel, “he stated.

On August 5, Rahul Gandhi faced hostile black-flag waving crowds shouting slogans in favour of Prime Minister Narendra Modi during his tour of flood hit Dhanera town in Gujarat’s Banaskantha district, forcing him to beat a retreat. His car was also pelted with stones, shattering some windows, while his personal security officer was injured when a piece of concrete was hurled at the car.

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